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Introducing Wizard Harry White Hat-Hacking Skills


As a qualified and accredited ''(Illegal)'' hacker since the 1990
s, I’ve been putting more effort in getting a new update on my skills as a professional hacker who is capable of doing any kind of hacking work that comes on the way and a lot of people have testified of my great professional skills and I'm never gonna stop trying new things! I have taken my time to know the roles and how to be a good attacker and at the same time to also be a good defender, I officiate in different roles of hacking and that include the Grey Hat Hacker and Black Hat hacker role...etc. That's why I'm known as a Wizard.

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BTC MINING/BINARY REVOLUTION...Funds Recovering..all work done and carried out perfectly by Wizard Harry... The most richest hacker unknown.

Sandy Williams

Wizard Skill's

Unlocking Keys work carryout by Wizard. 2FA breaker and penetration tester. bank log provide and Binary revolution skill's at work, HTML/CSS.....API key... Ivr..Devlop....//Websitehacking//Socialmedial..etc!

Casey Johnson

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Wizard Harry is capable of all kind of mobile hacking skill's, breaking a password of a smartphone without a touch screen.

Robbie White


About Wizard Harry


Almost everyone agreed that: A professional hacker is a penetration tester hired by an organization to test its systems and report vulnerabilities. A professional hacker or a penetration tester is a skilled individual who performs penetration testing to test the effectiveness of the IT infrastructure! There is more to this and that has only been discovered by Wizard Harry.


22 4th St 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA